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HIBRID d.o.o. Belgrade was founded in 1953 as an Association for the Improvement of the Production of Corn and Other Field Crops of the whole of former Yugoslavia. Namely, that same year, after the first group of Yugoslav experts returned after the specialization in the USA, which lasted several months, the Ministry of Agriculture and Chamber of Commerce established an Association which brought together all the scientific institutions dealing with the selection of agricultural and other crops, the largest agricultural cooperatives and all the agricultural expert services.

HIBRID – Present

Due to successful business and professional past as well as the rich experience gained in the production and placement of quality seeds of corn hybrids in the country and abroad, HIBRID is nowadays an easily recognizable brand proud of its successes. Unique climate, soil and landscape of Western Serbia has made berries, and especially raspberries, recognizable throughout the world for many years for their quality, colour and taste. In order to adequately preserve the best from the nature of this region for consumers all over the world, HIBRID has built two cold storages for fast and deep freezing with the storage capacity of 2500 tons in the centre of the region with the highest and highest quality production in Gornja Dobrinja and Makovište.

HIBRID – Future

We listen carefully to nature and protect it, in our endeavour to provide intact and preserved products to our customers, as if we picked it for ourselves. Therefore we keep in touch with you, follow your needs, trying to connect with our consumers and maintain long-term cooperation with business partners. We are carefully developing new programs, waiting for opportunities and expanding our business towards you.