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Unique climate, soil and landscape of Western Serbia has made berries, and especially raspberries, recognizable throughout the world for many years for their quality, colour and taste, which resulted in the development of the HIBRID Frigo program. In order to adequately preserve the best from the nature of this region for consumers all over the world, we have built two cold-storages for fast and deep freezing with storage capacity of 2500 tons in Gornja Dobrinja and Makovište.

Expertise of our employees, the long tradition in production, with the application of modern methods and controls in all phases of fruit growth, guarantees a high yield of unique quality.

High quality of fresh fruit, frozen immediately after harvesting, modern technologies and full applications of the HACCP system, guarantee healthy and safe products of high quality certified by IFS, BRC KOSHER, ORGANIK and GLOBAL G.A.P. certificates.

Monitoring the social responsibility performances in accordance with the rules of SEDEX and BSCI initiatives, our production processes and our equipment are designed in the manner which provides environmental protection and occupational health and safety protection.

In 2008 HIBRID registered and launched its own brand – BerryKing (www.berryking.rs).

Expertise and passion in the field of fruit production resulted in the recognition of HIBRID as a trusted company.