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“Danube-Bogojevo” Port is located on the left bank of the Danube, on the 1,366 km of waterway in the immediate vicinity of the road and railway bridge on the border with Croatia.

This Port is located 4 km away from the village Bogojevo, on the 34 km downstream from the town Apatin. The Port’s complex is surrounded by the main road Bogojevo-Erdut on the east, regional road Bogojevo–Senta on the west and a local road on the west.

The port covering the area of 16 ha is located in the immediate vicinity of the state border with Croatia.

It is connected with the regional road Bogojevo-Apatin-Sombor-Subotica, as well as the section Bogojevo-Odžaci-Sombor of the trunk road No. 3 which passes through Serbia.

Across the road bridge, the port is connected with the section of the trunk road No. 3 Erdut-Dalj-Osijek in Croatia.

From the micro-location aspect, the Port is located north-west from the town Bogojevo, which is connected with the Port through the main road Novi Sad-Odžaci –Bogojevo-state border with Croatia (Erdut). The residential area in Bogojevo is situated in the very centre of the town and it spreads evenly in all directions. That way, the town centre and the residential area are completely separated from the other zones.

The main road corridor is the trunk road which turns immediately after the bridge from Croatia towards the inner town zone of Bogojevo, then goes through the very centre as a town road and exists the town again as a trunk road in the north-east direction towards Odžaci.